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The Association was founded on November 20, 1916 by a group of prominent Chefs in New York City, under the direction of Auguste Gay who was made its first President. In 1918, Thea M. La Manna was Elected President. During his ten years in office, he helped to develop the Association with his genial guidance, into one of America's leading Chef Societies with a nationwide membership and Branches in various cities.


John Massironi, who was Treasurer and share and active part in the Association's responsibilities since its early beginning, as called upon to succeed Mr. La Manna who died while abroad in 1928. During his able tenure in office as President, for four years, and through his earnest endeavor, it was possible to clear our Club Building from its indebtedness. From 1932 to 1936 Charles Scotto as President added much to further the success of the rapidly growing Association whose membership they reached the 400 mark. In spite of the commercial lull in 1936 and 1937, the Association continued to hold its usual custom of operation most successfully under the presidency of Claude F. Jarrin.


Joseph M. Frederique, who became President in 1938 until 1948, has a record of leadership that has greatly benefited the Association towards its outstanding high position among Chefs Association in America. Robert Audelan, who has served  as Treasurer for nine years has been elected President of the Association in 1949. His keen appraisal of problems, so freely offered the right key to their prompt solution, with fitting advantages, which has greatly contributed to his popularity and promotion of good will. Anthony Lagasi, Elected President in 1956 until his retirement in 1971, the longest tenure as president. Under his stewardship the Association reached the ultimate in accomplishments. The most significant, the sale of the building, prudent investments. He initiated scholarships at New York City Technical College, and contributed to local civic organizations, expanded enrollments, and welfare benefits. Foremost was his dedication to the Association and his high standards.


Phil Cotumaccio, was elected President in 1971 and served until his untimely demise in 1976. Under his leadership his restructure of the business management and policies, played a significant in the success we have today. Joseph J. Melz, Elected President in 1976, and served until 1984. He brought new light concepts and devoted his time and energies in accomplishing the steady growth and development of the organization for the advancement of the Culinary Arts and our Profession at large.Salvatore Petrolino, elected President in 1983 and at the helm of the Association until 1990, dealt with great changes in a professional and courteous manner always willing to give extra time for the good of our Association. Joseph S. Collora, elected President 1990, under his guide the Association's finances are showed safety, income and growth for the future of the Chefs de Cuisine. As  a professor in the Hospitality Management Department of the New York City Technical College he was dedicated to carrying on the tradition.


Joseph Tarantino was elected President in 1995. Executive Pastry Chef at the Plaza Hotel for five years. For many years he has been a guiding light for young men and woman entering our industry. His teaching and encouragement have inspired many students, who have since established shining culinary careers in many parts of the country. Lutz Lewerenz was elected President in 2002. Mr. Lewerenz has over forty years professional experience in the Culinary Arts. He has a Culinary Arts Diploma from the Hotel and Restaurant School in Germany. In New York he work at prestigious New York City Hotels and Restaurants. Lutz Lewerenz was a participating member of the ICA ACF New York Culinary Team at the Culinary Olympic in Germany in 1996 and 2000. Pietro Mosconi was elected in 2009 and served 2 terms until 2014. Mr. Mosconi is a famous Chef and owns several popular restaurants. As President Pietro Mosconi was an effective Chef and advanced the mission of the association. Mr. Arlindo Fernandez was elected in 2013 and served 2 terms. Under his presidency the association celebrated its 100 Years anniversary



Honor Roll Of Founder Members

Whose Gift of Bond Holding Has Originally Benefited  The Association’s Former Club Building

Rene Anjard

Gabriel Anjoubolt

Louis Albano

 Alexandre Abbate

Silvio Bochetti

Gratien Bidonde

 Albert Baenziger

Pierre Benedetti

Louis Benelli

Louis Braco

Clotaire Ble

Raymond Bachman

Roger Cretaux

Frederic Coquin

Frederic Charlton

Paul Crapon

Edmon Davenel

Gaston Davoust

Gaston Doumerique

Gemain Del Era

Chas Eggenspieler

Otto Gentsch

Peter Gallo

Henri Gougoltz

Albert Jacotot

Theodore La Manna

Pierre Lapage

Albert Lheron

Desire Lescarboura

John Lindquist

John Massironi

Charles Mayard

Ernest Montjean

Fernand Moulin

 Adolph Meyer

Paul Mereau

Frank Martinez

Charles Maranta

Louis Nogue

Charles Oehlert

Edouard Panchard


George Perraudin

Paul Petitin

Julien Perbost

Joseph Porta

Henri Ribordy

Louis Ranvier

George Royal

Angelo Sormani

Louis Serrer

Charles Sicault

Eugene Sauvigne

Charles Scotto

Victor Simoni

Charles Tamanni

Bapiste Vaquier


1916 - 1918 August Gay


1918 - 1928  Theo La Manna


1928 - 1932 John Massironi


1932 - 1936 Charles Scotto


1936 - 1938 Claude F. Jarrin


1938 - 1949 Joseph M. Fedrique



1949 - 1956 Robert Audelan


1956 - 1971 Anthony Lagasi


1971 - 1976 Phil Cotumaccio


1976 - 1984 Joseph J. Melz


1984 - 1990 Salvatore A. Petrolino


1990 - 1995 Joseph S. Collora      



1995 - 2002 Joseph D. Tarantino


2002 - 2010 Lutz Lewerenz


2010 - 2014 Pietro Mosconi


2014 - 2018 Arlindo Fernandez

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