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We are a national culinary association with a focus to take forward culinary tradition and excellence by recognizing experienced professionals in the industry and supporting budding talents in the institutes. To accomplish this we have aligned our activities, resources and forces towards giving back to the culinary profession. Our lasting endeavor is improve our organization as a platform for patrons, members or non-members to give back to the profession. We are open for new members and strongly encourage you to attend one of our meetings, become a member and support our charity to further our cause.

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Over the many decades CDC members have given back to its profession  in many ways  and CDC would like to continue this tradition.  It accomplishes this by supporting multitude of scholarships to support budding talent across many culinary institutes in the area.  We believe supporting talent, passion and love for the profession at early stages is key to better and brighter future.



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Giving Back




Over the years CDC has consistently recognized excellence in culinary profession by awarding professionals who have exhibited skills, passion and dedication.  The association has constituted three such awards as following  (Please click on the link to know more) -


  Gold Medal Award

Anthony Lagasi Award

Raymond Vaudard  Award







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 Chefs De Cuisine Association of America, Inc. 301 E 45th St, Suite 2B New York, NY 10017 To Attend a Meeting / Know more / Become a member/ Donate - Please Write to us : ﷯ Call us : 212.599.2717

Chefs de Cuisine

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301 E 45th St, Suite 2B

New York, NY 10017

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